How to Draw a Budgie

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Budgie in 10 easy steps Budgies are a type of parakeet, which is a breed of parrot. Their full name is budgerigar. Sometimes they are simply called parakeets. There are two kinds of budgies: the normal budgerigar from Australia and the English budgie from England.From head to tail, budgies are up to 8 inches tall. They are one of the smallest birds of the parrot species.Budgies are known to be better talkers than other parrot species.Although budgies are bred to be white, blue, gray, or yellow, their true color is green.The average lifespan of budgies is 7 to 15 years.Budgies normally sleep for 10 to 12 hours a day.Budgies are one of the most popular pets. They are known to do funny tricks, and they love to entertain people.


In the wild, budgies are nomadic birds; this means that they travel from one place another in search of food and water. They can fly for hundreds of miles to find these resources. They live in groups called flocks. Flocks usually consist of thousands of budgies.

Step 1: First thing in how to draw a budgie is how to draw the main body. Draw a simple bumped line. You can call it its tummy line. Draw with light hand and use eraser to erase any errors.
how to draw a budgie-1
Step 2: Its time to draw the beak. Try to copy it from picture.
how to draw a budgie-2
Step 3: Observe the picture and draw the inner pattern of the bird.
how to draw a budgie-3
Step 4: I hope you are learning how to draw a budgie. Now its time yo draw the head line . See the picture for reference.
how to draw a budgie-4
Step 5: Draw the pattern on the feathers.
how to draw a budgie-5
Step 6: We are half way done. You must have realized how easy is how to draw a budgie.
how to draw a budgie-6
Step 7: In this step we will draw the lower line of tail.
how to draw a budgie-7
Step 8: Complete the tail and its pattern with the help of picture.
how to draw a budgie-8
Step 9: We almost at the completion of how to draw a budgie. Still something is missing. You are right we will make the tiny eyes and enhance the other facial features.
how to draw a budgie-9
Step 10: Shade the budgie with smooth strokes . Now your sketch is ready.
how to draw a budgie-10
I hope you learned a lot with how to draw a budgie. See you all soon for another tutorial.
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