How to Draw a bat

In this drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw a Bat in 11 easy steps. This step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Bat. How to draw a bat? For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin. Now let’s start how to draw a bat.

Step1: Select your picture from internet and scale 2HB pencil. Draw a bats guideline first. Draw a V line shape. It must be elongated just like a titanic famous pose.

how to draw a bat-1

Step 2: Draw the bats face now. Draw a small circle. It will be smaller then the rest of the body. Draw two small triangles on top of the circle for ears like a to draw a bat-2


Step 3: Draw another irregular shape circle in closed form. It will look like a sting of a bee.

how to draw a bat-3


Step 4: Draw two wavy lines which will serve the purpose of legs. Use scale pencil for it. Make Awes where lines end.

how to draw a bat-4

Step 5: After completing the body we will draw wings.  To draw the bats wings, draw two irregular vibrating lines going upward direction. Shape these lines so they look like a bat’s wing. Now you know how to draw bats wings by following this step.

how to draw a bat-5

Step 6: Extend these lines in opposite direction. Now it looks like that bat is flying.

how to draw a bat-6

Step 7: Draw a bat wing is a tricky and difficult part . Follow the steps properly. Use light hand while shaping the wings. It will take time so be patience. When you are satisfied with the wing shape proceed ahead. Erase all extra lines.

how to draw a bat-7

Step 8: Now its time to put detail in your bat.  Draw veins in the wings. Veins will resemble a tree branches. Veins should only be visible on only on the upper portion of the wings.

how to draw a bat-8

Step 9: Properly follow the steps and you will be able to draw a bat very neatly.

how to draw a bat-9

Step 10: Now you know how to draw a bat. Let’s start its shading. Select 2H pencil. Start shading from the middle, center of the bat should be dark gradually lighter the tone. And fade the shading.

how to draw a bat-10

Step 11: When you all complete these steps, your bat is ready. You can do the minor details as you improve your skills professionally with time.

how to draw a bat-11

Today you’ve learned how to draw a universal bat . After a bit of practice you should be able to draw bats in every pose, without using this tutorial as a reference. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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