How to Draw a Ant

Lets learn how to draw a ant in easy 14 steps. There are more than 12,000 species of ants. They live together in colonies, and sometimes millions of ants live together. In the colony, there is the queen ant, the female workers, male ants, and soldiers. The queen is the only ant in the colony that can lay eggs. All of the ants in the colony work together to protect the queen, find food, build anthills, and take care of the eggs and babies. Ants do not have ears. They feel the vibrations of the ground with their feet to detect what is going on around them.Ants use their antennae to smell, taste, and touch.Ants grow to be about 2 inches long at most.People around the world use ants for medicinal purposes Ants have six legs. Each leg has a hooked claw at the end of it. This claw helps ants climb.Ants’ bodies are made up of three parts: the head, the trunk, and the rear, which is also called the metasoma.

Step 1:First step of how to draw a ant is to draw the back body. We will draw an oval and leave space for legs.

How to draw a Ant-1Step 2:Now we will draw the middle body. This part will help the ant body to stick together. I hope you are enjoy learning how to draw a ant.

How to draw a Ant-2Step 3:Next draw the upper arch  which will serve the purpose of main body of the ant.

How to draw a Ant-3Step 4:I hope you are learning the tricks of how to draw a ant. Draw arches like its drawn in the picture.  It will give us a heart shape.

How to draw a Ant-4Step 5:In this step draw the face of the ant. As a connection of hold draw two opposite brackets.

How to draw a Ant-5Step 6:After completing previous step , draw oval shape in horizontal direction. It should bend towards the face. Also draw internal lines in the back body. I hope how to draw ant is getting easier after every step.

How to draw a Ant-6Step 7:Draw two upper most part of the ants leg by drawing thin cylindrical shape. For reference consult the picture.

How to draw a Ant-7Step 8:Draw the pointed mouth of the ant.

How to draw a Ant-8Step 9:Now draw a two antennas of the ant.

How to draw a Ant-9Step 10:Draw the back legs of the ant now. Draw very thin lines for that.

How to draw a Ant-10Step 11:Now, draw the most back leg of the ant. I hope you are learning how to draw a ant.

How to draw a Ant-11Step 12:Draw one front leg. I hope you are following how to draw ant properly.

how to draw a Ant-12Step 13:Complete drawing all the legs. Now we got the initial sketch of the ant.

how to draw a Ant-13Step 14:Shade the ant . Now your sketch is complete.

how to draw a Ant-14I hope you enjoyed how to draw a ant.

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