How to Draw a Ankylosaurus

In this article, we’ll show you how to draw this Ankylosaurus dinosaur.The Ankylosaurus dinosaur was unique in every way — it had a club at the end of its tail, armor covering its body, and spikes covering its armor. It had a wide, low skull, with two horns pointing backwards from the back of the head, and two horns below these that pointed backwards and down.  It was covered in armor plates, with bony half-rings covering the neck, and had a large club on the end of its tail. Bones in the skull and other parts of the body were fused, increasing their strength.

You’ll have a great time learning to draw this amazing dinosaur.

Step 1: First thing in how to draw a Ankylosaurus is to draw the face line.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-1

Step 2: After face line draw the legs. At the same time draw its eyes. If you got any confusion about how to draw a ankylosaurus ,consult the picture.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-2

Step 3: Lets see how to draw ankylosaurus body . First draw the lower body line.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-3

Step 4: After lower body line, draw the back leg. I hope you are following the instructions of how to draw a ankylosaurus.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-4

Step 5: Its time to draw the tail of the dinosaur. Do not draw a thick tail, it should be as thin as of mouse.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-5

Step 6: At the end of the tail, draw a flower shape. .i hope you are understanding all the steps of how to draw a ankylosaurus.
How to draw a Ankylosaurus-6

Step 7: Now draw the upper body line. Draw small triangles on it. These triangles should resemble spikes.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-7

Step 8: Add more spikes on the dinosaur body. For reference see the picture.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-8

Step 9: Basic sketch of ankylosaurus is finished. Now we will start shading. Select the light direction . Start your shading from face.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-9

Step 10:Draw congested texture on face. I hope you are learning a lot with how to draw a ankylosaurus.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-10

Step 11: Continue drawing this texture on all of the body of the dinosaur.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-11

step 12: Add the minor detail to give it a professional touch.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-12

Step 13: If you followed the step of how to draw a ankylosaurus properly , you must got a beautiful sketch in front of you.

How to draw a Ankylosaurus-13I hope you learned how to draw a Ankylosaurus.

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