How to Draw a Allosaurus

Want to learn how to draw a Allosaurus in few easy steps. The Allosaurus is a member of the dinosaur group and the scientific term for them is A. fragilis. Their Greek name “allo-saurus” means “different-lizard” in English. The Latin word “fragilis” means “fragile” in English, because this animal possessed delicate framework in its skeleton. Despite this disadvantage, the large two-legged predators were therefore not too heavy for running quickly. Another aspect that contributed to its lightweight body was small arms, but the tail was very large for maintaining balance.

Facts about Allosaurus.

They could grow to more than 40 feet long. Small but interesting detail is the short horn above each eye, which may have been used to protect their sight. Though this animal had a large head, it possessed very little muscle. It therefore was incapable of biting sufficiently, and it was actually less than the force of an alligator. They killed their prey by opening very wide and stabbing other animals with its upper teeth. These creatures lived mainly in the northwest North America, but also southwest Europe and east-central Africa.

Step 1:Draw the most upper head outline as well as eyes in the very first step of how to draw a to draw a Allosaurus-1Step 2:Next draw the upper blending line which will lead to the back of the animal. If you got any confusion at any part of how to draw a Allosaurus consult the to draw a Allosaurus-2Step 3:In this step of how to draw Allosaurus, draw the lip line.
how to draw a Allosaurus-3Step 4:Further, draw the back tail.Tail line will be continued from the lower body to draw a Allosaurus-4Step 5:In the coming step of how to draw a Allosaurus, draw the front leg of the to draw a Allosaurus-5Step 6: Continuing the previous step add the foot on the front leg.I hope you are learning how to draw Allosaurus. At the same time draw the back of the to draw a Allosaurus-6Step 7:Draw the frontal arm of the Allosaurus. Learn all the tricks from this lesson how to draw a to draw a Allosaurus-7

Step 8:Last step of how to draw Allosaurus,is shading.Use light and dark to draw a Allosaurus-8Hopefully you enjoyed how to draw a Allosaurus.

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