How to Draw a Alligator

In this lesson, we will learn how to draw a alligator – the oldest and most dangerous animal on the planet. Drawing an alligator is actually quite easy – those huge predatory jaws with sharp teeth are a quick giveaway of what animal you’re drawing. However, it is better to follow certain steps so as to depict a crocodile more realistically rather than cartoonist. The crocodile is a wild animal that is very dangerous, and in order to convey its character in the drawing, we must first draw its long snout with open jaws, with legs spread wide apart and a long horny tail. We’ll make it look as if the crocodile is about to jump out from the drawing to attack its prey!
Step 1: First thing in how to draw a alligator  to sketch the open mouth of the alligator. For reference see the picture above. If you follow the steps of how to draw an alligator properly you can easily make the sketch.
How to draw a Alligator -1Step 2: Next step of this lesson is to draw the alligators small head. It should be on top of the mouth line.
 How to draw a Alligator -2Step 3: I hope you are enjoying how to draw an alligator. Lets add some facial details. Draw the tiny eyes on alligators head.
 How to draw a Alligator -3Step 4: Its time to draw the upper body line of the animal. Make sure there are two curves in it. Curves will become narrow near the beginning of the tail.
 How to draw a Alligator-4Step 5: I hope this lesson how to draw an alligator is easy for you. Draw the shape of bend arm with two bends.
 How to draw a Alligator -5Step 6: 70% of sketch is completed. In this step draw the the back leg ,the same way we did before.
 How to draw a Alligator -6Step 7: After previous step draw the lower body of the alligator. Basic shape of alligator is finished.
 How to draw a Alligator -7Step 8: In this step we will add detail work. We will draw spikes on the body as well as we will draw the sharp teeth of alligator.
How to draw a Alligator -8Step 9: Check your sketch for perfection. Erase all unnecessary lines. Draw checked pattern on middle body of alligator.
 How to draw a Alligator -9Step 10: Its shading time, use light and dark shades on alligators body. Hope you are learning how to draw a Alligator.
 How to draw a Alligator -10Step 11: After shading your sketch is ready.
 How to draw a Alligator -11
I hoped you enjoyed learning how to draw a Alligator.
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